West Liberty, KY

West Liberty Farmers Market

West Liberty, a small town in Kentucky, was devastated on March 2, 2012 by an EF-3 tornado that made its way right down the center of town. This catastrophe inflicted many injuries, several deaths, and laid waste to many of the town’s buildings.

Aerial view of tornado aftermath
Black and white street view image taken from Google Maps which shows an empty lot in a rural area

The Fresh Foods Market at West Liberty is a project that works closely together with existing registered farms throughout the Morgan County area and the proposed Vertical Farm at the bank of the Licking River. Farmers and entrepreneurs alike will have the opportunity to rent out dedicated stalls where local products can be purchased under a welcoming 22 feet high structure. The main intent of the Farmers Market is to inculcate the community healthy eating habits by instilling a sense of local food consumption culture. Weekly events and cooking demonstrations on site will actively engage the community and visitors creating a vivid environment where people from all ages can learn healthy cuisine using only local ingredients.

Vegetable seasonality chart
West Liberty Farmers Market
interior rendering supermarket
Concept architecture

Strategically, the Farmers Market is located in Prestonsburg Rd, right beside the Dollar General store, allowing the community the opportunity to shop in one concentrated area, minimizing driving time and most importantly keeping their business local.

To sustain the community food needs throughout Morgan County food surplus will be distributed among educational and state owned establishments such as the schools, hospital and any other place wishing to participate in a food to table program. 

West Liberty Farmers Market