Simple Home Remodeling Projects Ideas

Simple Home Remodeling Projects Ideas

It’s unsurprising to most homeowners that undertaking a large remodeling project will take months of planning, communicating, designing, and finally, building. And depending on your location and the scope of the project, your timeline can greatly be impacted by lengthy permitting wait times, meaning your transformation may still be over a year away.


What if you don’t want to wait that long? Are there any options to upgrade your home in a faster timeframe?

Luckily, there are project options with a shorter turnaround rate that can be even more affordable than traditional lengthy remodels, saving you not only time but money too.

Here’s a handy guide detailing home remodeling projects that can be done faster than other major renovations:

Kitchen Remodel

Your quality of life can drastically be improved by hiring an architect or designer to transform or upgrade your kitchen. Creating a functional kitchen that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing is an excellent way to add value to your home, and most contractors are very familiar with these types of projects.

But despite how you feel about your current kitchen space, not all kitchens need a major remodel project to make them better. In the long run, maybe a simpler, more affordable kitchen remodel is all your home really needs.

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A simple method of remodeling your kitchen can involve upgrading your appliances, cabinets, and countertops, but you will save the most time and money by maintaining your layout. Once you begin needing to reposition your sink or relocate a gas line for a new cooktop location, your project will need a full design review by the city, which can greatly impact your timeline. In Lexington KY, it can take a couple of weeks to complete the current full design review process.

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If you’re one of the lucky homeowners who are happy with the functionality of their current kitchen layout, your project will qualify as a kitchen remodel, and you’ll be able to get sign-off from the city much quicker. Even with the layout staying the same, integrating new flooring, countertops, and updated appliances, can dramatically improve your kitchen space and create a focal point in your home!

Bathroom Remodel


Owners of old houses have likely realized that the original bathroom designs aren’t compatible with today’s families. Whether or not your bathroom is outdated, you will need to prepare to wait a bit longer for results when undertaking home improvement projects involving the movement of plumbing, as this process will quickly push things into the “major” category.


Simple Home Remodeling Projects Ideas
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Maintaining the same layout of your bathroom presents the option to upgrade your space without a lengthy timeline. Are you happy with the layout of your sink, toilet, and shower? Do you enjoy the charming nature of your classic traditional tub? You can still replace the flooring, update your vanity, and even add heated floors and additional electrical outlets in a timely bathroom remodel project. Not only will you achieve a bathroom you love, but you’ll also get the added benefit of saving money too.

Interior Updates


There are a surprising number of interior updates that can be done without huge wait times. How about finally getting around to upgrading your torn-apart flooring? Are you ready to modernize your old fireplace or add radiant heat to your chilly basement?


You can achieve faster timelines with a wide variety of interior updates, including:

  • Adding custom storage or built-ins

  • Updating or repairing skylights

  • Repainting your walls, ceiling, or millwork

Fast-forwarding past the design phase is a key strategy to saving time on your interior updates. Maybe you’ve already decided on the paint color or flooring you love or have some options but just need some advice on how they’d work best with your other home décor choices. You will save time and money by expediting past the sometimes-lengthy design phase and getting started with construction much faster than a typical design-build project.


For those of you who still have questions about which design choice is right for your space, many contractors offer pre-designed bundles that can be the perfect option. Some of the custom design packages created by design-build firms focus on materials that are easy to acquire and blend in a cohesive design, so sometimes selecting a predesigned bundle for a remodeling project can greatly speed up the timeline of completion.


Exterior Updates


Updating your outdoor space is manageable when you have a small timeline. Even using masonry and concrete work to create a new outdoor space can oftentimes be installed without embracing a major remodel project.


Is it time to update your deck or improve the curb appeal of your home? Have you considered adding new trim work or another coat of paint? Even the simple process of replacing your home’s siding or adding a new staircase can greatly impact the style of your home.


Exterior updates can often be completed on a quicker timeline, but certain projects involving concrete or painting may be impacted by the weather. Regardless, with strategic planning and the help of professionals, you can achieve incredible results by updating an exterior space in a short timeframe.


Choose the Right Professional


When it comes to renovating your home, it is important to be wary of anyone who always pushes you to take the most drastic course of action. After all, when you’re already in love with the layout and structure of your home, less really is more. In these instances, all you need is a little remodel to breathe new life into your space.


The best place to start when hiring a contractor for a remodeling project is to reach out to contractors you’ve previously hired before trying to connect with someone new. Making updates to work that you’ve already paid someone to complete can allow you to inadvertently void a contractor’s workmanship warranty. It can make a huge difference to tackle a new project with a vendor you already know and trust, so when starting a new project, ask to see if your contractor offers similar home improvement services.


When it is your first time collaborating with a professional for a home renovation project, choosing someone with experience who understands your style and vision makes a significant difference. If you are in Lexington, KY, and would like to get a boutique Design and Construction company to go over your home remodel ideas, reach out to OH Design Lab today, and learn how together we can achieve the goals you have for your home.


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