Polo Run Ln Versailles KY

Polo Run

Establishing aesthetics at Polo Run Ln Versailles KY

OH Design Lab has been working diligently on a new design for a custom home in Polo Run Ln Versailles, KY, a 40-acre subdivision off Troy Pike.

As architects, we are always excited to work on challenging residential projects. At Polo Run, OH Design Lab has the opportunity to establish the neighborhood’s aesthetics, which can positively impact the overall quality of the subdivision by establishing an architectural language that leads to an increase in property values through a pleasing consistency in street presence across the whole development.

Even though most of our residential work is in rural areas free from overly restrictive design covenants, we were able to realize a spectacular potential because we took the time to fully understand the project requirements through a site study.

How are we able to know what to design?

Polo Run Ln Versailles KY

Experience has taught us what questions to ask and when. At OH Design Lab, we have created a list of fundamental questions for future homeowners that allow us to understand their values and preferences. Our Design Questionnaire is not stylistic but behavioral. By getting to know our clients, we find the best way to serve them. Often in ways that aren’t always obvious.

What are site studies for?

We conduct site studies to get acquainted with the site. On the surface, an internal process that allows us to be one with the location —being present on location, stepping through the grass, feeling the prevailing winds, seeing the sun at different angles throughout the day, hearing the source of noise and types of sounds, potential views to magnify or conceal, etc. We take notes and photographs, fly our drone, and get rough site measurements. All this information is then compiled and paired with our Design Questionnaire, forming the foundation of every design proposal for OH Design Lab.

Polo Run Ln Versailles KY
Polo Run Ln Versailles KY

Site responsive architecture.

OH Design Lab’s site-responsive architecture seeks to discover the hidden attributes of a given location and potentiate those qualities. If necessary, also discover ways to conceal or hide those not-so-desirable qualities through clever space ordering. Please visit www.ohdesignlab.com for further information on the team and our work. 

If you are considering buying property at Polo Run Ln in Versailles KY, contact us for a free, no-obligation introductory meeting. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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