Versailles, KY

Blackbox Guest House at Pisgah Pike

We are excited to announce that we have completed a brand new design for a guest house in Versailles, Kentucky and that we are even more excited to have worked with amazing clients who trusted our experience and vision since day one.

Blackbox Guest House at Pisgah Pike
Blackbox Guest House at Pisgah Pike

Conducting a site visit is primordial in the early stages of design as this enable us to get acquainted with the topography and the overall context from which we draw inspiration. We pay special attention to the site qualities we want to potentiate or diminish through our design.

Blackbox Guest House at Pisgah Pike
Architects Lexington KY

Initially we were requested to maintain a limited square footage, however this quickly changed as we all began to notice an opportunity to enhance the spatial experience and site awareness by creating a sunroom and a roof deck. All these changes are part of our Design Development phase and they amount to about 10% of our overall fees.

We are cladding the building in vertical panels of charred wood by Nakomoto Forestry. We received a sample of some their available products and shared them with our clients right away. Suyaki was the winner.